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Since 2012, doshed has been working to become an established name in the video game industry. Today, we are proud of our progress towards becoming one of the most well-known video game news and entertainment websites with a hard-working team of expert gamers and staff, and millions of visitors around the world who contribute their knowledge and experiences on a daily basis.

Meet our Team

Foo Van Cleef

Founder, Editor-In-Chief


Foo Van Cleef is a professional writer based out of Orlando, FL and the founder of doshed. He currently holds the position of Editor-In-Chief. Prior to starting doshed, Foo served several years as an Instructor at the University of Florida. Following his tenure in academia, he worked with several prominent bio-tech startup and pharmaceutical companies. His resume includes over 20 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sunsets on the beach and drinking rosé.