Microsoft announces all Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games (sans Kinect) playable on Xbox Series X|S at launch

After more than 500,000 hours of testing, Microsoft has now confirmed that every Xbox game (sans Kinect) across all three generations, from the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, will be playable at launch on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The announcement was made on Twitter by Jason Ronald, Partner Director of Program Management at Team Xbox and Xbox Series X Development Chief, who emphasized that all of the games will look and play better with the next-gen hardware.

This announcement is great news for backwards compatibility fans. As Ronald mentioned, all of these backwards compatible games will run better due to the powerful CPUs and GPUs, and also look better on compatible TVs and monitors due to the Auto HDR feature of the next-gen Xbox consoles.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will release on Tuesday, November 10th — just under 2 weeks away. The Xbox Series X retails at $499 USD, while Xbox Series S comes in at $299 USD, however, both are currently sold out ahead of launch.

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