PUBG Season 9 includes dynamic new map with volcano

There’s a new map on the way for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. With a planned release that coincides with the upcoming Season 6 update, PUBG Corporation has began steadily teasing the new map. While very little information on the new map has been shared so far, the latest news comes in the form of a cinematic trailer that doesn’t reveal much, but does give us a few big clues to build our excitement.

First off, we now know that the name of new map will be Paramo. The trailer also reveals that the landscape of the new map will be dynamic with the main feature being an active volcano. The official Twitter account for PUBG claims there will be “thousands of possibilities” for the new map.

In what they describe as the first ever-changing environment for the game, it seems the new map will bring some much needed freshness in having a variety of ways to play the same drop over and over. However, we still don’t know the full details regarding the dynamic environment.

The developer states that the Paramo map will be small scale. It was originally stated that the map would be 3×3, however, it appears this plan was scrapped after they received instant backlash on an incredibly condensed map size. The final map size remains to be seen as changes may still be made before Season 9 goes live.

The new map will arrive on PUBG when Season 9 drops for PC on October 21st and later for PS4 and Xbox One on October 29th.

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